Real Results from At-Home Chemical Peels – 5 Years Later (Reverse Aging)

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I am so excited to share this short little post with you. I started doing face peels at home five years ago. When I started, I took a bunch of photos of my skin so I could document whether or not the peels actually worked. I did face peels quite regularly on and off for the last five years – switching between a variety of peels (For example:  Glycolic Acid, Mandelic Acid & More). I sometimes did them weekly, sometimes only once or twice a month.

Please be aware though that I was also doing derma rolling or derma needling sessions at home with a roller, occasionally. When I initially started to do them, I think I was doing the derma needling once or twice a month – but it wasn’t really intense. Later on, I would only do them a few times a year. So, I think these results are mostly due to the face peels but could most definitely also be because of the light microneedling sessions I did as well. If I was using a microneedling pen, the needles would go deeper and I might attribute these results to it if I had done that. So, it’s hard to tell but I wanted to provide full disclosure, in case the needling played a part in my results.

People often ask me where I buy my peels from. I currently really like Platinum Skincare peels (affiliate link) and purchase from them. But, I am always open to trying new brands and products. If you buy from them, feel free to use my code: “Holly10” for 10% off.

I only discovered these photos yesterday and I was SHOCKED! The funny thing about aging is this – some people tend to not notice all the little wrinkles and stuff that are forming until they get to a certain age – then the war on aging is on. So for me, I wasn’t super bothered by my skin five years ago but now I am really aware of things and so surprised that my skin looked way worse five years ago than now. I feel that my skin looks much more firm, toned and I have noticeably less wrinkles! I still have some, but they are way lighter. I am so amazed at these photos – I really wanted to share this with you guys! I have more photos, but it takes time to find ones that are in similar poses so I can put them side by side. I will try to find more and post them on here in the future. Thanks so much!

Best At-Home Chemical Peels for Beginners
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Great results.


Wow even the fine lines and tear trough area looks better and more plump. Do you think that’s from the peels or something else you’ve used? I have trouble with my tear troughs and fine lines around the eyes and want to do something to improve it :/

Mama K

So at your recommendation I purchased the lowest level glycolic peel (30), as I’ve never done any kind of peel before. My question is this! I did my third micro needling session 8 days ago. My skin for the most part is back to normal…maybe just a little dryer than normal still. I used the glycolic peel I purchased on my teenage son shortly after I got it. He never really noticed anything other than slight, slight tingling. He never had any side effects beyond that though. So the question is…I’m 8 days out from my last MN treatment…how long… Read more »

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