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At-Home Nanoneedling Experiment

I decided to do an at-home nano needling experiment with the Deminuage nano needling pen & the Ordinary’s Resveratrol serum, in addition to a serum from Deminuage, called Blanq. I dedicated three weeks to this experiment and avoided using most of my other standard skincare (no active ingredients, peels or retinol), while solely focusing on nano needling for this time period. I wanted to do this to see if it works well and what kind of results I might get. And, I was really pleased when the experiment was over. I will share my before & after photos below, plus a video sharing my experience.

The Technology Behind Nanoneedling

Nano needling is considered a form of microneedling. It differs from standard medical microneedling because it is super safe, non-invasive, not painful and it works by making serums 20x more effective by creating microscopic channels in the skin’s outer layer, which then close within 20 minutes. It is very, very safe to do at home. If you have some high-quality serums to use, nano needling makes them more effective and allows to them to work faster, since they are able to get deeper into your skin and past the outer layer. Nano needling can be done several times a week, but medical microneedling can only be done once per month. Both treatment modalities have their place and purpose, but nano needling is more widely accepted for doing at home, as it is so safe.

Serums and Technique

Night-time Treatment

I would mostly do this process at night, though I did do it a few times in the morning. I would first apply the Ordinary’s Resveratrol serum to my skin, mixed in with a little bit of the Ordinary’s hyaluronic acid serum. I mixed it because their resveratrol serum is a bit thick and oily in texture and I wanted it to apply and spread more easily. The hydration from the hyaluronic acid serum is also great for my dry skin.

After that, I would get all my supplies – the Deminuage pen, the Blanq serum and my handheld mirror. I would then break open the Blanq serum & put the applicator on it. I would then start out by applying it to my forehead and then needling that area first. I would work in sections on my face. After doing one section, I would then apply more resveratrol serum. After all of my face was done, I would sometimes treat my neck and/or hands as well.

Time-frame Per Treatment

The whole process only takes between 5 – 10 minutes and I find it to be very relaxing and therapeutic. Also, once or twice a week, I would use the Deminuage face mask as well – as it is extremely soothing and moisturizing.

Consistency of Treatment

For the first week of my experiment, I did the nano needling every day. After the first week, I felt that it was a bit excessive to perform this treatment that often, so I decided to do it every-other day. This worked out very well for me.

Pen and Cartridge Options

Deminuage Pen Closeup

Nanoneedling Pen

The Deminuage website sells two different pens: the QuickPore NanoPen Prime Device (Price varies but at the time of writing this, price is: $60) and the QuickPore NanoPen Lux Device (Current price is: $90). For my experiment, I used the QuickPore NanoPen Prime Device and it is battery-operated and worked very well. Since doing this experiment, I have tried the Lux Device and find it to be more powerful and I enjoy it as well. But, either device will work really well for nano needling at home.

Nanochip Cartridges

For the cartridges, the website sells: Daily NanoChips, Booster NanoChips and then two other options for deeper nano needling: Zip Booster NanoChips and Grand Booster NanoChips. Prices vary but are reasonable and they sell several kits as well. For my experiment, I used the Daily NanoChips one day, then skipped a day, then used the Booster NanoChips the next day or next treatment.

Coupon for the Products

The Deminuage Pen: Click Here (This will give you 20% off when you checkout. If you don’t see the lowered price upon checkout, you can enter in this code: HOLLYM20). Although I have a code, I am not currently earning commissions from your purchases.

My Experience

After every single treatment I did, I would notice that my skin was incredibly smooth and soft. The texture of my skin greatly improved and that happened fairly quickly. After a couple of weeks, I noticed something else. The pigmentation on my cheek appeared to be almost breaking up a bit. And, after breaking up, some of it seems to have lessened or lightened slightly. After the three weeks passed, I also noticed my pores looked better and smaller. To me, it was surprising to see the results in such a short period of time. I think this treatment would really help someone with UV-damaged thickened skin as it really helps to break through that layer in order to treat it with the serums. The last thing I noticed is just an overall improvement in my skin tone and my skin also appears to be a bit brighter.

My Deminuage Review & Final Thoughts

I’m really impressed with the product and its quality. I do own the Dr. Pen and I love it for medical microneedling. But, I also really love the Deminuage pen. It is a beautiful product and it works extremely well. I believe that part of the reason I had great results was from using the Blanq serum. It contains tranexamic acid, which is great for treatment pigmentation issues and brightening the skin. I think the Ordinary’s serum was also helpful though. My plan is to continue with nano needling at home a couple of times a week, maybe more. I think consistency is key when trying to make skin improvements. So, I am going to stick with it!

My Deminuage Nano Needling 3 Week Experiment Video

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Looks great Holly, for sure there is a brightening in places. I was just looking at an older video on youtube, one going back 2 years, and comparing you then to you now, it’s pretty remarkable how you’ve paused in time regarding aging, or have improved your skin. It’s pretty inspiring. Photo attached, I would love to show you around my city, fingers crossed that’s still possible , would mean a lot. And sorry again for the misunderstanding for I did not know one had occurred. ”Dream, Struggle, Create, Prevail. Be daring. Be brave. Be loving. Be compassionate. Be strong.… Read more »


I just purchased the dr. pen. If you use this pen a few times a week, do you stay away from medical microneedling? I’m looking to break up some pigment from a bad microblading experience. Anyway, glad I discovered your blog! Great content!

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