The Ordinary’s AHA 30% + BHA 2% Peel Honest Review

I’ve been doing face peels for a long time- about five years+ and have become accustomed to purchasing from one specific company that I trust. But, just recently, I decided to try something new and purchased a peel from The Ordinary. I am SHOCKED by it and so glad I bought it! I actually bought a large assortment of their products, as they are so affordable (this was a couple of months ago) and I’ve been using them ever since. Today I want to talk to you about The Ordinary’s AHA 30% + BHA 2% Peel that they sell. I am amazed at how it’s impacted my skin!

If you want to skip all this text and prefer to watch a video review, it is down below! Also, if you want to buy it, it’s available on their website here although it is also available on Price is approximately $7.20 – an incredible deal!

What the AHA 30% + BHA 2% Peel Claims to Do

This peel uses a variety of acids to exfoliate your outer layer of skin and clear pore congestion. It can help create a smooth surface on your skin, while making it brighter and giving it a more even appearance. It can also help with blemishes and with extended use, fine lines. This particular peel is red in color due to Tasmanian Pepperberry which was added to it, which helps to reduce irritation sometimes associated with using acid peels. Hyaluronic acid is also added to the peel, as well as Vitamin B5, black carrot (antioxidant) for the soothing and healing properties.

Who Should Use This Peel?

The peel is considered one with a decently high concentration of acids and it is advised on the site to only use it if you are experienced with acid peels. If you aren’t sure if you should use it or not, I highly recommend checking out my post: Best At Home Chemical Peels for Beginners.

When starting to do peels at home, it is just important to work your way up to using higher percentage peels. If you have sensitive skin, just be prepared for anything. Some people can experience irritation if they are fairly new to doing peels. I have recommendations in my video below, regarding what to do. But, overall, if you are concerned, you can apply this peel and just leave it on for 1-3 minutes for your first time in order to lessen the possibility of irritation and get a feel for how  your skin responds to it. Never do peels on open acne wounds or scars of any kinds. Never do peels on an area with an active cold sore. Also, spot test it before putting a peel on your whole face if it’s a new peel you’ve purchased – just to be safe.

How It Felt the First Time I Did This Peel

The first time I applied the peel, surprisingly I felt that it was a decently, fairly strong face peel. It caused a sensation of tingling (not burning) and a slight sensation of itching, which can happen with many peels. After washing it off, my skin was extremely smooth and radiant. I left it on for the full 10 minutes. Now that I’ve done this peel numerous times, it usually does not create that tingling sensation but it is still super effective.

My Final Thoughts & How It’s Impacted My Skin

I’ve been over-the-top about this peel since I first used it and every time since. I’ve been using it every week to two weeks for the last couple of months and I am absolutely floored by its effectiveness. I have been choosing this peel over my straight plain glycolic peel every time since I bought it – because I prefer the results I get from this and they seem longer lasting. So, this peel has had a profound drastic affect on my skin’s moisture levels and plumpness. It turned my insanely dry skin into something of the past. I don’t know how it’s doing it, but my skin loves the ingredients.

I think for some people, this is also a peel you could do while still using Retin A. I personally do not use Retin A, though I do have the highest strength prescription Retin A at home. I wanted to do a little test with it (as it always causes me to peel excessively) so after doing this peel, I began using Retin A about every other day. This is like someone starting out with Retin A brand new when I did this test because I don’t normally use it. I was honestly trying it out due to curiosity and to prep my skin for an upcoming TCA peel. But, the test lasted a couple of weeks and because this peel improved the levels of my skin’s moisture so greatly, I barely peeled from the Retin A  – and that was the first time that has ever happened. It kept my skin pretty balanced, though after using Retin A for a week and a half, it was starting to get fairly dry again and it was nearly time to do another peel. I personally didn’t have a problem doing this peel and then using Retin A shortly thereafter. I just felt like sharing that. I am no longer using Retin A but thought that was an interesting experiment. I think this product is the best peel that I own now and it is such a great price and will last you many, many treatments. I cannot recommend it enough!

Video of Application, Advice & Review

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Amazing! Your skin does look plumper/younger! I am going to check it out!

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