TCA Peel Before & Afters – Full Process

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This 20% TCA Peel, which I did at home, produced quite noticeable results around my eye area. I am here to share the full process I went through – from start to finish. I will include the full video here and the before & after photos are below.

Before photo. Then 1 20% TCA peel in Jan. 2020. The 3rd photo is after the second 20% TCA peel done in June of 2020.


These photos are only edited to correct lighting differences and I tried my best to take photos in a similar manner so you could see if there were results. Some people might say these results are subtle but to me there is a big difference in the eye area.

Background Information

I’m almost 38, at the time of writing this (as of 2020). I have dry (to sometimes normal) skin. I did this peel on myself at home. If interested, here is a coupon code for 10% off your order. They also sell the peels in smaller trial sizes, which sometimes allow you to do several peels. Also, if you are thinking of doing a TCA peel at home, be careful! Watch lots of videos by the company (the owner has a youtube channel that has instructional videos) – and it’s important to be prepared with a few extra products.

I made a video here “TCA Peel Preparation” on what products I use to prep my skin, during the peel & after the TCA peel. This is just my opinion, but if you have not done one of these peels yet, it is ideal to start out by trying other peels first (ie: glycolic, mandelic or even lactic) to get your skin to acclimate and so you understand if your skin is sensitive or not. Then, it is best to start with the lowest percentage possible of TCA. Just my opinion & whatever you do is at your own risk – just be careful!

If you have any questions at all, please ask below! I will be here to answer them!

20% TCA Peel Process at Home & Finally Frosted
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These differences are exactly what I was hoping for! Please do more!


WOAH! You’re almost 38?? Your skin looks AMAZING. You look younger than me and I’m 21 ahaha. I definitely want to try the 20% tca soon.

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