Health Optimization

Biohacking Changed My Life

I first began biohacking when my son was quite young and dealing with some very difficult challenges. Over a decade ago, my son and I experienced a toxic and life-changing poisoning and that set off a chain reaction of health issues. That’s when biohacking became my way of life. Oftentimes medical care is lacking and I needed a way to help him. It was my mission to do everything in my power to help improve our situation and quality of life.

I began diving into medical studies and research and discovered certain supplements that helped relieve symptoms, in addition to specific dietary and lifestyle changes. I kept a log to track symptoms & improvements, lack-thereof and worsening symptoms and the triggers.

I’m sharing this because I know many people are dealing with complicated health issues, and unfortunately, those are often long-term issues that require you to adapt and recondition yourself, while you strive to improve your issues and become healthier. No one is perfect and no one has perfect health. The struggles may always be there to an extent, but I believe it is not hopeless and there are things we can do to lessen the burden and become much healthier and happier.

Biohacking Basics

Research, Experiment & Track Progress

  • Monitor your health through bloodwork, and with health devices, like the Oura ring or other fitness and health trackers.
  • Experiment with your diet to avoid foods that cause you inflammation & health issues.
  • Try to maintain muscle and stamina through fitness, but without overdoing it as that can cause inflammation.
  • Take measures to improve your sleep quality and to get enough restful sleep.
  • Supplement strategically and use supplements to fill in any gaps in your diet and help optimize your health.
  • Manage stress by utilizing stress-reduction techniques to keep it in check.
  • Try new things and experiment with different biohacking techniques to find what works best for you.
  • Most importantly – keep a log of what you’re doing, what you’re experiencing and any changes and progress.
Health and Longevity

Health optimization (aka biohacking) is a strategy that uses lifestyle, diet, and technology to optimize health and well-being.