Studio & Personal Update

I thought the studio would have been done a month or so ago. I’ve still been plodding along and working on things as much as possible. I got everything done that was on my list from my last post here – other than the trim & insulation. It is much more involved than imagined. I think I need a planer in order to save myself some time in the near future when dealing with wood that is so flawed. I don’t need things to be perfect but the wood I’ve been buying has been rough. It just adds a lot of extra time and steps to the process. Overall, the studio room is nearly finished. I need to finish doing the trim around the room. I think that is fairly simple yet time-consuming due to the wood I have and because I need to paint all the pieces. That can be done anytime.

Besides that, I bought some roman shades from and I highly recommend them. You will see them in the photos and they look about a thousand times nicer and higher quality in person. The photos don’t do them justice. They were each less than $30 a piece and they have no cord or anything – you push them up or pull them down by hand. They look incredible and I bought them also to help improve sound quality in the room as it echoes a bit too much. The fabric is actually very thick and high quality. I almost bought them from other popular sites and an all the other sites they were $100+ per roman shade. So, check out JCPenney if you want a deal and make sure you use a good coupon code.

I am going to share some photos on here. Windows are all done. The curtain rods in the photos were taken down, since I bought roman shades instead. I also built my own table and just need to purchase legs for it. I love how large and how spacious the room is, though the sound quality when doing videos, is not good. I needed to build some soundproofing acoustic sound panels to help improve things and get rid of echoes. They helped a bit but I need to make more. I made three which are 3 feet in length by 1 foot across. They are covered in a breathable white fabric with foam on the inside. I may just put those together with hinges and put them on a set of wheels and bring them out as needed, when recording a video (placed right in front of my area and my microphone).

Anyway, I will be posting a video soon and as soon as possible I want to start posting both on here and on youtube regularly. Anytime I have energy I try to get back on and create things as well as posting content. Hope everyone is doing well!

The Studio Project
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