The Studio Project

I just wanted to give a quick update about what’s been going on. For the last several weeks, I have been working on a studio which will be the place where I’ll be able to create and edit videos in the future – as well as use for any art and DIY projects. I used to be a painter and would like to get back into that in the future. It’s a room that my family helped me build (they helped me with the framing, insulation, putting up drywall and basic wiring) and since then I’ve been working away on it. It seems like it would be done after all that work my family and I did, but it was just the beginning.

The room is a large 24 foot wide (by 12 ft) area in the back of my garage. When I moved into the woods eight months ago, I instantly loved the garage because it was so spacious, newer and also had five large windows overlooking the gorgeous backyard woods. Many people have referred to this area of the world as “God’s Country,” and I agree.

So, I’ve been recording videos in my home, in the basement and in my room and I’ve had a lot of issues because my house is a bit small and I have these adorable rowdy cats that like to be extremely destructive any time I attempt to record. I do other stuff online too so I really need a dedicated space to move forward with. I am so thrilled to have this studio but I am still working away at it. I should tell you guys, I love woodworking. I love tools and I love Do-It-Yourself projects. But, this one is really a large project for me.


Here is where I’m at:

  • this past week I completed doing DIY trim for all the windows
  • I still need to fill in little brad nail holes, sand them a bit and paint the windows (I was tempted to leave them this raw wood, but decided to paint them)
  • I need to do the trim around the floor (I like to do this from scratch too – which will require sanding, painting, cutting & lots of wood)
  • I need to hang a door, which I have never done before (already purchased this pre-hung, solid door) – also need to stain it first
  • I feel the need to build a desk from scratch (possibly a floating one) but I’m trying to figure out a way to also hide my PC tower – I am trying to keep the room clean & minimalistic
  • I am awaiting a really cool piece of furniture for the room – an “egg” chair from Target – I will put a photo above
  • I am waiting for Wayfair to send me a taupe light fixture which I purchased (they sent the wrong one on accident)
  • I need to put outlet covers on all outlets (that’s the easiest job here)
  • I need to do the wiring for the lights (and switch and circuit breaker – never done it before but did assist my dad with it months back)
  • Must paint the floor again – 2nd and final layer
  • Lastly, almost forgot – need to buy and put insulation above the room

I’m sure there is more I need to do but that’s my main list for now. My dad offered to come over (it’s a very long drive for him – at least 3 or 4 hours) so I told him politely that I need to learn how to do these things on my own and I’ll be fine! We will see though!

Physically, I have been really burnt out with all this work. I have some injuries that flare up when I am doing this much work. I’m taking some time off this weekend, as I await more things in the mail to help me finish some work early on in the week. I now live in the middle of nowhere and the UPS guy delivers stuff almost daily since I started this studio project. I would love to go to a Menards but I don’t want to drive an hour and fourty-five minutes one way! I love getting stuff done and I cannot wait to be able to post regularly. The only issue I will have with posting once the room is done, is that my internet is insanely, absurdly slow at around (less than) 500kbps.

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It’s coming along great. You’re a lady of many talents.


No vapor barrier big mistake

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