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Welcome! My name is Holly Mann.

On this website you’ll find unique content that encompasses my experiences, my research, and my honest thoughts on various topics. Join me on my adventures in biohacking and wellness with at-home experiments in skincare, supplements, health, fitness, & longevity.

Here’s a bit of my background. I am an an Army Veteran, and previously worked as a journalist, photographer and web designer when I was in the service. After that, I worked as a civil contractor in Baghdad, in support of the joint military operation there when the war began in 2003. It was an unforgettable experience.

I have been doing internet marketing since 2005. I wrote a book over a decade ago as a marketing guide, to help others profit online, in the same way I did. I traveled and lot when I was younger, but I am now enjoying the beauty of the Upper Peninsula, in the United States.

Youtube Videos

In addition to this website, you can find my content on my Life and DIY Youtube channel. Similar to this website, the channel’s focus is related to being healthy inside and out – and topics related to DIY skincare, life, and biohacking.

Current Work

I work for myself as an entrepreneur, occasionally taking on freelance jobs, in addition to working for a health and supplement company. My job encompasses many things related to marketing: content-creation, medical writing, graphic design, web page design, advertising, email marketing and videos.

Cheers to those who are infinitely curious. You'll remain young forever.