Skincare Microneedling Update

3rd Treatment

So I just thought I would give you guys an update on how my skin is doing and any progress with the microneedling. I want to also tell those who are interested in microneedling that I did my 3rd treatment yesterday, 7-10-19. So, unfortunately I only have update pictures on how my skin is now, as it has been two months since I did my last microneedling treatment (which was my second one). I recorded a video for my 3rd treatment and that will be posted to my Life and DIY youtube channel shortly.

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Holly Beth, Life&DIY

latest skincare updates

Holly Beth

Overall, I am seeing some improvements in my skin tone. I realized I probably didn’t do the treatment aggressively enough in a few key areas that I wanted to work on (areas around my eyes especially). So, for my 3rd treatment, at the end of the treatment I thought I had done enough but I then opened up a new needle cartridge and I went back in on those key areas. I used a depth of 1.5mm and I did have pinpoint bleeding around my mouth area or smile lines as they call them. I also did the lines on the forehead and there was pinpoint bleeding there as well. So, I hope that by going in a bit more aggressively, I may see better results after this treatment. We will see!

I noticed in person and in some photos that my pores (especially on the nose) are clogged or more noticeable and I know that is because I stopped using my favorite product for toner – which is the Mandelic Acid Toner from That stuff is absolutely amazing for any skin type, but I ran out of it months ago and waited on repurchasing. If you have noticeable pores and want them to be clean and clear and less noticeable, I highly recommend that toner. I am about to repurchase finally.

Microneedling Progress Photos So Far
Third Microneedling Treatment At Home with Dr. Pen
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Dale Townsend

Hi! I am new to microneedling. I just purchased the Dr Pen A6 and am so excited to get started. Post-treatment, what should I do? Just leave the hyaluronic acid on my skin and go to bed? or is it safe to wash my face and go on with my regular nightly skincare routine? Also, is it safe to use creams with retinol the following morning? also, what about makeup? Is it safe to put on makeup the next day? Thanks for any tips!

Gaby Velasco

Hi, your skin looks amazing thank you for sharing. Your YouTube video is also very informative. I wanted to get it done at med spa but I feel a little uneasy letting people touch my face . This definitely something I will try myself.

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