MyDNAge Blood Test – Methylation-Based Biological Age

I started taking a supplement called Nicotinamide Riboside (NR) a few weeks ago. If you want to know more about this amazing supplement and how it works, please read my Nicotinamide Riboside (NR) post here. It is a popular anti-aging, longevity-related supplement – in addition to Nicotinamide Mononucleotide (NMN) being one as well. Both are precursors to Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD) and so far from the research, they both greatly increase levels of NAD in the body. Today, I am going to do a blood test called MyDNAge and it’s based on Steve Horvath’s Epigenetic Clock & methylation-based measurement of aging. To put it simply, I am going to do this highly accurate genetic test in order to find out how my lifestyle could impact my calculated determined biological age. My actual age is 37. (See results below).

I then want to re-test in a year from now to see if the speed at which I am aging is impacted by lifestyle changes and taking NAD-boosters.

Please note: This is just a tip from me: I would recommend not taking the recommended dose to start out. That can be a lot for the body to handle, for some people. If you have a spare five to ten dollars, I recommend buying empty gelatin pill capsules. Then, when you first begin taking NR or NMN, I would recommend emptying some of it into a capsule and taking it that way. That way you can have full control over how much you take. If I were to do that and felt nothing from a quarter of a pill capsule, then I would take a half a pill capsule. If I felt nothing, I would probably take a full one then – knowing how I react to these things. This is just my method and of course, do whatever you want to, and do so at your own risk. Please do research before starting a new supplement. I read at least one negative review online where the reviewer said it felt like a stimulant to her and she will never take it again. I kind of felt that way when I took my first dose of about 1/12th of a capsule. So I can relate to that. But, I continued taking the same amount and then taking more progressively for the first two weeks and even now the only time I felt that stimulant-type feeling or excess energy feeling (in a negative way) was the first few days or doses I took. Since then it’s subsided but I still feel energy. From talking to doctors in my past, I’ve heard them say that sometimes those with the strongest reactions often need the supplement the most. But, often they quit due to taking too much too soon.

For those who are concerned with methylation while taking this, many people also take TMG. TMG is already in my supplement of NR, though some people supplement with even more (basically they take the same amount of TMG as they take of the Nicotinamide Riboside). For those who want to protect against methylation issues even further, some people also take methyl B-12 and methylfolate. Not everyone can tolerate taking folates so be aware of that. Those who are undermethylated should likely avoid them in supplements, from what I’ve learned.

The MyDNAge test I purchased, I bought it here from Zymo Research.

If interested in the supplement I am taking, it is ResveraCel by Thorne. I like that it has resveratrol in it, as well as some TMG.

To do more research, please look up: David Sinclair on youtube – he has lots of videos and interviews that go into much more detail. He also has a new book (which I bought) and it’s called: Lifespan, Why We Age and Why We Don’t Have To.

To Find out MyDNAge Blood Test Results – Watch the Next Video Here!

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MyDNAge Results Revealed!
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