MISSHA M Magic Cushion #23 Review & Pics: Dry Skin

The MISSHA M Magic Cushion Foundation Honest Review
MISSHA Magic Cushion Foundation #23
MISSHA Magic Cushion Foundation #23

The Missha M Magic Cushion Foundation (in #23) changed the way I view makeup. I have a hard time wearing too much makeup on my face, because of extreme dry skin and because I like things to look natural (with no trace of makeup – nothing even slightly cakey looking). When I first discovered this makeup, it was in 2016. I had seen before and after photos on Amazon and on the company’s website, and I did not believe what I was seeing. I was 100% positive the images were photoshopped. How could these faces look so flawless and ‘lit from within’? It was unbelievable. But, apparently, those sales tactics and images (and the incredibly low price) sucked me in enough to buy it and try it! So, here we are now.

The price: only $11 on Amazon and that is where I buy it from. (the price may vary slightly at times, but now it is less than $10)

Photos of Me Wearing this Makeup
MISSHA Magic Cushion Foundation #23 Honest Review with Photos
MISSHA Magic Cushion Foundation #23 Honest Review with Photos
Honest Thoughts & Review

I want to first state that these photos are legitimate representations of my face, with and without the makeup on. I have not altered them in any way shape or form to change how they appear (only cropped them). I did not Photoshop these babies. That is why I am so absolutely floored by this makeup. I cannot comprehend how it managed to make my skin look so naturally clear and luminous. But, I believe it did. And, like I said, I have very, very dry skin. I know it isn’t visible that I have such dry skin, but I have to take some super hero insane measures to give my skin hydration. I have lots of methods before I dare put on any makeup. Please note, in these images, I have worn the makeup all the way up to my eyes (meaning, under my eyes where a person might normally wear concealer). I did not feel the need to wear concealer as this covered everything perfectly. I didn’t set it either. I never used to set anything. It would probably have looked nice under my eyes with a tiny bit of powder. But, I still love the way this stuff looks.

A Tip Regarding this Product
MISSHA Magic Cushion Foundation #23
MISSHA Magic Cushion Foundation #23

First, this is a Korean product and as such, they only currently sell it in two single shades. Sorry for anyone who can’t wear it as a result. I am wearing their darker shade, #23, and it is still decently light. Please take a look at it in this image and you will see that it appears almost dark. But, it isn’t. It really is quite light or pale. Just keep that in mind.

Next, I have noticed that many beauty Youtubers, when they use a cushion foundation, they love to use their own brush or sponge. Try to NOT do that. I swear, I think this sponge that comes with it, is why it looks so flawless. Please use the little sponge that comes with it, at least several times, before ditching it for something “better,” because it works amazingly well.

Last thing, this does not make my skin look or feel dry or itchy. It looks luminous. And, I love it.

The only downside that I have discovered is that it might tend to dry out if you aren’t using it all the time, or if you let it sit around for months on end. I would rather spend another $9 and get a new one, rather than use one that is less than fresh. :)

Have you ever tried this and do you like it? What is your skin type? Do you like any other cushion foundations? (So far, this is the first and only one I’ve tried!)

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