Essence the Gel Polish Review – Affordable Amazing Polish

Essence the Gel Polish is a game-changer for many people who have discovered it! I’ve read countless reviews about people who said they stopped getting their nails done professionally, since purchasing this specific polish. If that’s true, they are saving themselves a whole lot of money too because with my recent purchase, each polish was $1.99USD (and a bit less with a coupon code). I first bought this polish on a year or so ago and I was hooked. I’m not that huge on doing my nails because sometimes my nails are shorter and don’t always look great. But, in addition to this great priceEssence the Gel Polish point, somehow this polish makes my short little nails look nice, even though they aren’t at times!

So, what makes this stuff so great? Well, the quality is top-notch. If wondering why I would think that – it is because I’ve bought polishes from very high-end brands before. I have tried out most of the popular and expensive brands and nothing comes close to the quality of this stuff for me. Many actual gel polishes require you to use a curing lamp. This does not (as it isn’t truly a gel polish – just looks similar to one). The color range is incredible with such gorgeous and unique colors. And, that in itself makes it quite fun to purchase a bunch of polishes and play around with them, trying them out and if you don’t like a color, give it to a friend. Lastly, the brush applicator is one thing that many people absolutely love on these polishes – as it is quite large and allows for quick, clean applications. I feel like this polish dries rather quickly too and I don’t remember ever ruining it with prints or smudging it.

Where can you purchase it? In the past, I would purchase from I don’t know what Ulta was thinking but they are no longer carrying this polish. I noticed the other polishes they sell tend to have quite a few negative reviews. So, why oh why did they stop selling this? I ended up buying a bunch of these polishes (in a redesigned style) last week directly from their U.S. site here. If you sign up for their email list, they will give you a 20% off coupon code. Also, you only have to spend $15 to get free (fast) 3-day shipping. If you aren’t in the U.S. and you’re looking to purchase, go to the homepage of the site here and in the upper-right hand corner there is a tab that says INT and it drops down to list countries. Hope that helps!

New! I think that many of these colors are new. And, they also sell a base and top coat for a couple of dollars extra (which is still a good deal with that coupon code) – so I bought the top coat. Since it is new for me, I am not sure how long it will extend the longevity of the polish but I will find out and let you know. According to other reviewers, it will last a good two weeks with a good base and top coat especially (and 2-3 coats of polish). The only complaint here is that the brush applicator with the top coat is small compared to the polish applicator brushes.

Note: Even with short and imperfect nails, this polish tends to still make them look nice. So, please take a look online for others who have posted pictures of their beautiful nails in wearing this polish. I will try to come back on here with more swatches and photos of me wearing the polish later. I just wanted to get this posted for now though.

My absolute favorite of all favorites is one from last season or last year and it is the one in the upper right photo – 55 Be Awesome Tonight!

Last thing I wanted to share is that if you are shopping on the site and need some eyeshadow – the quality is also pretty darn great. I just bought a bunch of palettes for my nieces and was shocked with the beautiful colors and pigmentation.

What’s your experience with polish and have you tried Essence the Gel Polish before? If so, what is your favorite color?

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