“Your Face Pillow” Honest Review

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Today I want to share with you my honest review of a product called “Your Face Pillow,” and its marketed and sold as an anti aging or anti wrinkle pillow.

If you’re into preventing some of the signs of aging, postponing them anyway, then you may be interested in this type of pillow. It is supposed to help you sleep on your back, in order to prevent night-time face wrinkling and scrunching of the skin. I share my full review, thoughts and honest experience with it in my video, which I will include here. I will put links below the video to anything that I mentioned in the video itself.

Links to Products

Your Face Pillow
Tri-Core Cervical Support Pillow

I just ordered a Tri-Core Cervical Pillow in the Petite size as it was the exact same one I had years ago that I loved!


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It is something I notice, from time to time, how I can wake up with crazy lines on my face, and arms, all from sleeping on the creases on the blankets, or pillow. Thankfully they vanish after a while. I can see how sleeping on your back could prevent this happening. I guess we call sleep likes kids, all curled up ha. Happy Valentines Day, you were on my mind today. Hope you had a great day, spring is in the air, so much to look forward too, once your snow melts ha. I’ll write you an email soon, tell… Read more »

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