NMN Ban – Key Details and FAQ – Updated

NMN Ban – The Key Points

The FDA has stated that β-NMN (Beta-Nicotinamide Mononucleotide) or Beta NMN is not a dietary supplement.

  • Beta NMN is the most common form of NMN sold in the U.S. and across the world

The reason is because Beta NMN is being investigated as a drug.

  • Metro International Biotech, a pharmaceutical company with Dr. David Sinclair as a co-founder, has submitted a new drug investigation (IND) for MIB-626, a propriety form of Beta NMN
  • The date of the IND  is unknown, as the FDA will not disclose that

The FDA Approved NMN as a Dietary Supplement Prior to Back-tracking and Reversing It.

  • The FDA provided SyncoZymes an approval notice for NMN as a new dietary ingredient in June of 2022
  • They basically back-tracked and later stated that it was not a dietary supplement, “based on new information”

MIB-626 is a Proprietary Form of Beta NMN.

  • People are questioning how the FDA can ban standard Beta NMN when MIB-626 is a totally different product and proprietary ingredient
  • This is one issue that needs to be addressed and investigated

There are numerous possible outcomes.

  • The situation could remain the same and NMN may end up banned across the U.S.
  • Or, many are hoping that it will get resolved at least in the same way that the NAC-ban situation was resolved, allowing for companies to continue selling NMN in the U.S.

The Current Situation Is Up In The Air.

  • U.S. Companies are still actively selling NMN supplements
  • This is already causing a surge in sales & some stock issues are happening due to panic-buying


Is the FDA banning NMN?
Updates on the FDA NMN Ban – Check Back Here
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