One Hour Hand Knit Blanket Tutorial-Under $20

We will be Hand-knitting a chunky chenille blanket at home in less than an hour and for less than $20! I am so excited to share this tutorial with you all. If you have any questions about the process or anything at all, please let me know here or in the video comment section. I am here to help!

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The yarn is available at your local Walmart, but you can take a look at it and the color options here as well.

For Sizing and Options:
– 30 x 50 (3 skeins of yarn) – 16 stitches
– 40 x 60 (4-5 skeins of yarn) – 20 stitches
– 50 x 60 (5-6 skeins of yarn) – 24 stitches
– 50 x 80 (7-8 skeins of yarn) – 24 stitches
The stitch size is about 2.5 inches. If this varies, or if you tighten the stitches on your first chain, then the width will be slightly different than the measurements here. If the measurement isn’t to your liking after you do the first chain, then remove the chain (undo the stitches) and begin again to create the correct width.

Here are some photos of my finished projects:



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