9 Mos. of NR & NMN – Plus Update!

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For the past 9 months, I have been taking longevity-related supplements in order to boost my levels of NAD in the body. The purpose is to improve my overall health, increase energy levels and hopefully live longer, in a healthier manner. If you don’t know much about anti-aging supplements, I recommend reading this post I wrote here. I also highly recommend checking out content on youtube about David Sinclair and some of his presentations and interviews – here is one to start with. I very briefly explain it in the video as well.

Update Below!

For those visiting here after watching my video on my 9 month experience taking these supplements, I wanted to provide you with an update here. I will put the update underneath the video.

For those new here – welcome! The video here will share my experience in taking these supplements. After posting this video, many thoughts have come to mind and I want to express them in my update below. I am also changing my methods & have found a brand of NMN I will begin trying and I am really excited. All details are below the video!


In the video, I share my experience (mostly with NR) as well as with one brand of NMN that I did try out for a period of time and used the whole bottle up. I feel  like in the video that I overemphasized the amount of productive energy I felt and I realize that not everyone will have that experience – though I do think many people speak about an increase in endurance with fitness & mental clarity. It does not mean that you are not benefiting but you may have had a better baseline of energy than me. I tried to explain that in the video. I’ve learned some tricks along the way and may do an update video or update posts on here to share them. But, one is that if you are experiencing a lag in energy that you once felt – it is a great idea to take breaks. For me, I tend to take two days off and then when I start taking it again, I will take a good amount of the supplement. As you can tell from the video, I could only take a minuscule amount when I started because I was quite sensitive to the effects. At this point, when I do take the NR, I will take two days off and then take four capsules (600mg) and I feel that focused energy that I mentioned so much in the video. I then take two days off. It has taken me a long time, through trial and error with other supplements and medications in my past for me to realize this works really well for me. I will try to dig up the science behind it and share that in the future.

Besides that, I wanted to share that I am making some changes in going forward. First, I still stand behind the NR that I take and I really like the product a lot. I think people need to understand (and they likely do) that if you want to get into taking longevity and anti-aging supplements, it is pricey. The price is generally quite similar across brands (or used to be) and there aren’t a lot of reputable companies selling NMN (in my opinion). I have had a really hard time over the past year in finding a brand that I could trust (of NMN). If you are looking for a good brand of NR, the one I mention in the video is Resveracel by Thorne Labs and I still really like the product and the company and I buy a lot of other supplements from them as well. The brand of NMN that I tried in the video – I regret even consuming those supplements because I have done further research and do not trust the sellers or product at all. I prefer to buy from an established company that has some years of experience as well as high quality-control measures and high standards for quality and what they sell. So, moving forward – I plan to step up the amount of product I am taking. I also plan to try to address my fatigue issues – which I’ve come to realize are related to my poor sleep. I believe that if you feel a physical benefit from certain supplements that it is a positive thing, but it cannot work forever if you have an underlying issue that is not fully addressed and if you don’t work on fixing it. So, I cannot expect miracles from anything when I have other problems beneath the surface. I will explain that more in a future post or video.

I am going to start taking NMN – after I do one more genetic aging test. I have finally discovered a brand of NMN that I feel really good about taking and will begin taking it in the very near future (as it just arrived). I wanted to wait to start testing it out and taking it, until I did a genetic aging test called Teloyears (Update: I do not recommend this test. I never got the results or any updates from them & had to get a refund). I have done one other genetic age test called MyDNAge here. Unfortunately, it may take a few weeks for that test to arrive, so I’ve decided to begin my journey of self-experimentation sooner – starting early next week (already started). The brand that I began taking is called Renue By Science. They sell a great variety of NMN products & the products are triple independent lab tested & they are innovative in their approach to creating these supplements. They also anti-aging skincare that has me extremely intrigued & excited – and I will be testing it out as well for an upcoming video. Besides that, I believe the company had been selling regular supplements for about a decade before they exclusively began selling longevity-related supplements. Basically, it’s a legit, established company & I am really excited about their products.

In the very near future I will do an update video and update posts to share my honest thoughts, feelings and experiences with their NMN supplements. So far, I am really enjoying the products. If you decide to try them out – please do your own research. One thing to note is that for me personally, I have a problem with products containing mannitol or sorbitol or anything ending in ‘tol and I know that many people do not have this issue if they are consuming tiny amounts – but I do. Some of their products do contain that ingredient though many do not. I prefer the pure NMN powder anyway. So, take a good look around if you decide to try them. I am super interested in their NAD Optimizer series of supplements and I really love those ingredient combinations.

Important Update! Sometime after writing this post and spending some trying out their products, I was hired by Renue By Science. So, I  now work for them (I am updating it on 4-2023 so you know that I work for them, but I did not at the time of writing this post). I disclose that any time I mention their products.

This is the my short update! If you have any questions about any of this, or want to chat about things – let’s do it in the comment section below. I plan to post much more regularly on this website of mine. I also plan to create a forum on here so people can share information with each other more easily.

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Yulia Andreeva

Thank you for the review! I have just placed an order of NMN thanks to you! Please share how to test my methylation? Conventional labs can do it? Keep up the good work and your health💪🏼

Nikki Shevillo

Hi!! Its Nikki Shevillo. I recommended the Neogenis brand on your YouTube channel:) I couldn’t find an email to send my concerns, thoughts, etc about starting a channel and/or affiliations🤔. Thanks!!!

Harmon Poehl

Thanks for the discount ,will add NMN to my IF and Keto system!


you mentioned berberine in your latests youtube video update and said that there was a discussion in another video. I cant find it. can you direct me to it.

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